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Continuing Education Workshop with Anja Kuehnel & Yogeswari

A workshop that speaks to the heart of Jivamukti Yoga that will focus on enhancing practical teaching skills specific to vinyasa krama, alignment, hands-on assists and the break down of fundamental asanas. This session will be mostly practice and welcomes every student of yoga.
Yogeswari is known for her vigorous, seamless Vinyasa sequencing, and her thought-provoking philosophical teachings. With 20 years of experience in dance and choreography, she brings liveliness and vibrancy to all her work. She holds an MA in choreography and dance from New York University and a BFA McL in dance from Temple University, Philadelphia. Born in Switzerland, she teaches workshops, immersions, and retreats in five languages.
Anja Kuehnel is director of the two Jivamukti Yoga Berlin centers and has been practicing and teaching Jivamukti Yoga for many years all over the world. Anja especially is interested in the ancient yogic scriptures and vedantic teachings which offer a path to experiencing one’s true nature as limitless and free by taking away all the limitations we have put upon ourselves.


$350 Includes New Year's Eve program on December 31st and all Master Classes, Tribe Gathering Programs, Workshops, & Evening Events at Jivamukti Yoga NYC from January 1st to January 3rd.
$70 Includes 2 Tribe Workshops, Continuing Education Workshop, and What is Real? Movie Pass
$35 Register for the Continuing Education Workshop with Anja Kuehnel & Yogeswari